Competition rules

Rules: Dance Art Romania Open – D, AOR Dance Balkan TROPHY -

Starting with 2018, this contest is a registered trademark, has an international / Balkan character  and is organized by: Dance Art Open Multicultural Association from Romania in partnership with the County Sport Association for All Buzau member of the Romanian Federation Sportul Pentru Toti.


  1. Traditional or Folk Dance : It’s the expression of a nation and its people. Explaining with simplicity the folk tradition, popular dance is the way in which people have manifested since ancient times the affection and love for the earth, the homeland, and for all that is of value. Originating in rural areas, it is currently a way of communication between both rural and urban people. Costumes and music must reflect the folkloric tradition of the area, the cohabiting nationalities or the country you represent in the contest.
  1. Artistic new style: In this section we included all dance styles practiced by dance schools in the world. 
  • Classical Dance – contemporary ballet and dance (ballet combined with acrobatic elements) / classical fantasy,
  • Company Dance – Vals, Tango, Balroom, etc
  • Latino – Show – South American Dances
  • Character Dance – Gypsy, Arabic, Oriental, Spanish, etc.
  • Musical – jazz dance, can-can, dance-theater, etc.
  • Modern dance: – disco, electric-boggye, etc.
  • Open fusion: fusion of several dance styles,
  • Choreographic fantasy: choreography that highlights a certain idea, a clear theme that will carry you on a journey (story) that has a beginning and an end. In this style of dancing, elements of butafory (objects made of cardboard, canvas, plastic, etc., which serve to make the decoration or dance) are required. All dance styles are allowed. Age variations are also allowed in this category, ie: adults and children / category (open age).
  • Show Dance: Choreography must be a show based on the teacher’s creativity. It is allowed to approach any dance style or a fusion of several dances.
  • MTV Commercial  – all the choreographies inspired by the MTV tradition. Contestants can present various inspirational shows from folk singers’ popular videos. The focus is on presentation, style, expression and performance. Music and choreography must match the age of the participants.
  • Choreographic production: Everything that happens on stage must have the idea of ​​an artistic show, combined with luminous, sound or pyrotechnic effects (without endangering the bodily integrity of the participants or the audience).
  • Performing Art: rhythmic gymnastics, cheerleaders, acrobatic dancing, acrobatic dance at the bar, or Chinese art-specific dances, dances with magic elements, etc.
  • Master Dance: This category is especially dedicated to intruders, choreographers, dance masters preparing the participating teams. It is the category to which they themselves can participate alongside the team or teams they are preparing. Any dance style can be approached.

Subcategory FREESTYLE- Urban Dance (streetdance, breackedance, hip – hop, freestyle (Bounce, snack, funkyestyles (e.g., sleepy – style, popping, waving, tutting, air positing, krumpimg, tectonic, acrodance, downrock, uprock, toprock, rock, reggeton, LA, etc.) will be awarded with a trophy for the freestyle section. 

  1. Individual and Duo / Trio / Minigroup sections
  • Only participants who come from a dance school participating in the contest will be able to register for this section.
  • This section should take into account that the duration of the dance does not exceed 2.00 – 2.15 minutes.


  1. Trophy  for Dance  Evening 1 – Traditional Dance
  2. Trophy  for Dance Evening 2 – Artistic Dance
  3. Trophy for Dance Urban – separate section
  4. Trophy for Dance Evening 3 – Solo / Duo / Trio / Minigroup
  5. The Trophy for ” COREGRAPHY ,,
  6. The Trophy for ” COSTUME ,,
  7. Trophy D, AOR Dance Balkan Trophy - for the Best Dance School that will accumulate the highest average in the competition for all the dances shown on Evening 1 and 2
  8. Medals for places 1.2.3
  9. Diplomas for all places and mentions obtained by the participants
  10. Prizes will not be awarded in the absence!


- The DANCE schools, high schools, palaces and clubs of children in the country, cultural and youth associations and foundations, sports or dance clubs, bands and ensembles of amateur dancers from Romania and abroad are encouraged to participate.

- Because it is an international competition, each team or competitor can enroll with as many dances as he wants. We remind you that the participants in the Dance / Character Dance section will evolve on the first night of the contest.


  1. KINDER: 4 – 7 years
  2. CHILDREN: 8-10 years
  3. JUNIORS: 11-14 years
  4. SENIORS: 15-18 years
  5. OPEN AGE – over 18 years old without age, but also teams with different age categories. This section can also be attended by the teacher / choreographer.


The jury  can be made up of 3 to 5 members, qualified, experienced in the choreographic and organizational field. Jury members must be respected in view of their competence and hard work that require increased attention throughout the event. No dancer or any other participant can disturb the jury member during the judging. Any observation or lack of respect for them will be penalized by the festival director who may decide to post or disqualify the team / band.

The  jury’s rating is done with notes from 4 to 10, taking into account the following criteria:

  • Scenery  – (point out the costume, the makeup, the hairstyle)
  • the technical impression  – (how the execution of the figures and their complexity are pointed out)
  • the artistic and choreographic impression -  (the quality of choreography, the originality, the correlation between music and dance)
  • scenic image  –  (points: how to use the scene, bridle exchange, overview)


  • For each dance presented to the competition by a team / band / competitor, the jury members will award one grade for the four criteria of appreciation, from 4 to 10. The notes obtained by the team for a dance are gathered from all members of the jury, and their sum represents the final score on that dance.


  • If choreography is not consistent with the dance style
  • Exceeding the statutory time according to the regulation
  • If the costume is indecent, unsightly or not in accordance with the chosen dance.
  • If makeup and / or hairstyle are not appropriate
  • If the dancing figures are taken 100% of the videos and do not fit into the MTV section
  • If there are no changes to the band.
  • Incorrect or partial (truncated) execution of the dance figures.
  • Props are not allowed to suggest violence or vulgarity (of any kind).
  • Serious desynchronization of dancers.


  • Songs (regardless of the language in which they are interpreted) whose lyrics have a vulgar language or indicate / incite to acts of physical or mental violence are not accepted.
  • No vulgar dance figures or suggestive of violence (of any kind) are admitted.
  • It is forbidden to drink alcoholic or ethnobotanic drinks during the festival and the participant who will be detected risks to disqualify the entire team.
  • Abusive language, vulgar and violent dance expressions or figures or suggestive of violence (of any kind) are forbidden in addressing any participant, organizer or jury, and are causing the disqualification of the participant or group to which it belongs.
  • Lack of coordinator / choreographer / instructor at the technical meeting.


- Appeals can be submitted to the Festival Secretariat within 24 hours from the Evening of the Premier in order to be resolved in a timely manner. For each contest, a fee of 15 lei is charged for each person in the team / band, its 20 lei / person / single or duo / trio ensemble.


- A Team or a Dancing Band / Group must have a minimum of 8 people.

  • Registrations are made by  June 15 by submitting  registration and payment of the participation fee.
  • Exceeding the enrollment deadline entails losing opportunities for participation.
  • The participation fee is 25 euros for the participant group component for maximum two evolutions on a contest evening and to be paid from any bank on behalf of the organizer: Dans Art Open Multicultural AssociationTax Code: 34197420 – Banka Transilvania – Buzau citty- Romania : RO10 BTRL EURC RT03 4795 6201  – EUROS. In the form of festival participation contribution.  Only when paying the participation fee you will be considered officially enrolled in the Festival.
  • The participation fee for the SOLO/DUO/TRIO / one evolution in contest is 15 euros/ by person
  • We remind you that ACCOMMODATION and TRANSPORT are supported by the participants.
  • The charts / tables will be completed for each team. For example, if a sports club or school unit wishes to participate with two teams, they must complete separate tables for each. The files will be unsubscribed by e-mail at and (the originals will be brought to the technical meeting).
  • Participants regardless of age must have Medical certificate from doctor of sports medicine specification < clinically healthy / fit for exercise > .What will be taught at the technical meeting organizers.
  • Minors must be accompanied by their parents or a group coordinator who is directly responsible for their integrity during the festival.
  • Transport options For participants abroad:
    - Airplane – Bucharest – Henri Coanda (and then  by train to) -Constanta
  • Airportor directly Constanta Airport-then-bus Costinesti
    - Coach from participating country – to Costinesti / Constanta


  • For participants who will request accommodation and dining in TABARA DUCA – Costinesti Citty –  it is very important to make it FESTIVAL because it is a peak season and it is very likely to be told that the period is already occupied.
  • The price of the stay in the period 2 – 9 July is 200 euros / person with 3 meals included !!!
  • If there are any modifications in your group’s composition, please contact the dispatcher of the camp because the festival organizers do not represent the camp administration. 
  • You can make a reservation for your accommodation at this time to email: 


  • Music is your choice and must reflect correctly the dance style you are evolving.
  • Each participating team / team must send the music by e-mail no later than 15 July
  • It is advisable to have a music folder stored at the technical meeting because it may not be completely downloadable from e-mail and we do not want to have unpleasant surprises.
  • The minimum and maximum duration of the dance is:
  • between: 1.30 – 2.00 – 2.10 min / for solo, duo, trio
  • between: 2.00 – 3.00 min / for group / bands / small age categories (4-7 years)
  • between; 2.00 – 4.00 min / for other age categories.
  • Fantasies and choreographic productions should not exceed 5 minutes.
  • Only popular suites can last up to 7-8 minutes.
  • Choreographies must be adapted to the skills and age of the dancers. 
  • The order of entry of teams, bands will be agreed upon at the technical meeting,
  • Formations can only enter the stage after they are announced at the microphone,
  • Magnetic tapes or audio tapes, trams, are not allowed.
  • Music is in MP3 format stored on stick or CD writing at 8 or 10 speed. You are directly responsible for the quality of music and musical support. Viruses are not accepted.
  • We do not respond to scratched or unreadable musical media.
  • Teams / Formations have the opportunity to make a short general rehearsal on the morning of the day to accommodate the scene. The order of entry for accommodation will be settled at the technical meeting.


  • Representatives of schools / clubs / cultural associations must attend the technical meeting that will most likely take place on the morning of each day of the competition.
  • At the technical meeting will be handed over, the enrollment files in the original, will be completed the prize minutes and the audio media will be tested.
  • Teachers or instructors are not allowed to give signs, give signals to the dancers, correct or enter the contest surface during the course of the event, unless the participants are less than 8 years old or the regulation requires it.
  • Parents or attendants of participants, other than Teachers / Instructors, do not have access to the contest surface.
  • It is forbidden to use any kind of props that serve other participants such as confetti, oil, puff, talcum powder, or any visual effects that use fire and are forbidden.
  • The organizers are not responsible for any accidents that occurred during the competition. This responsibility lies with each coordinator and / or competitor.
  • Accessories are allowed if they are placed quickly before choreography and immediately taken after choreography and scene exit.
  • Special stage lights are not allowed, only white light will be used.
  • By simply participating in the contest and sending personal data to the organizer, or by communicating personal data by email, participants agree that their personal data will enter the organizer’s database, be processed and used by the organizer solely for the proper organization and unfolding the competition.
  • Teachers, instructors, attendants, spectators can be removed from the room for inappropriate behavior, while removing participants from the festival.
  • Any person causing damage to the location or a participant assumes full moral and / or financial responsibility for repair, replacement and / or refund.
  • The contest may be stopped or postponed in the event of an event of force majeure (unfavorable weather as it unfolds outdoors, flood, earthquake, sa) or if the organizer is unable, for reasons beyond its control, organize. In this regard, we are relieved of any liability for re-charging the participation fees.


Organizers have the right to make adjustments / modifications / to this regulation according to the number of participants, weather conditions or other factors.

By registering / enrolling in the Dance Art Open / Balkan Dance TROPHY contest –   all participants / parents / team coordinator / teacher / instructor, in the case of minors, agree and undertake to comply with and comply with all conditions imposed by the organizers Official regulation. Failure to comply with the rules may entail the personal and exclusive responsibility of the coordinator, teacher, instructor, attendant or direct of the participants.

Registration and participation in the contest is the agreement of the parent, guardian and / or the instructor, the participant, as the winners’ names, all the photos and / or filming performed by the competition (by the organizers) can be made public and used free of charge in audio, photo , and video by the organizers.


We hereby inform you that all those who want to register in our competitions or activities will fill in the related documentation, requesting the Annex (registration form) and the Declaration by e-mail

Sportul Pentru Toti Buzau County Association respects the right to the protection of personal data and considers that their possession and processing must be carried out according to law 677/2001. By accepting this regulation by the participants, or as the case may be, parents / legal guardians, A.J.S.P.T Buzau reserves the right to process and use the personal data of the participants, in accordance with the provisions of GDPR .

Contact person Mrs Mihaela Balaceanu +04 0761.671167. /  Email:

Do not forget:

It is important to participate and make your life more beautiful by dancing,

do not win at any price!

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